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CenturyLink® is the second biggest telecommunications provider in the US with a global customer base of millions. Being one of the best internet providers over the years, CenturyLink® has recently finished expanding the metro fiber loop in Connecticut’s Greenwich City. The new expansion from the Telco completes a series of network build out across the East Coast of the United States over the previous 12 months. Apart from Greenwich City, CenturyLink® also finished network expansions in Connecticut cities, namely Stamford, Norwalk and Hartford, and White Plains City in New York.

These new fiber routes would equip the enterprise level customers of CenturyLink® with their business continuity disaster recovery services, global product portfolio, and path diversity. With the completion of the build out, the Telco can now deliver best internet service for business customers with up to 100 gigabytes per second speed, alongside enterprise-level products and service that comprise of cloud services, big data analytics, SD-WAN, IT consulting, and so forth.

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The fiber loop expansion is done by CenturyLink® to extend their network and services to more business subscribers in select areas. For instance, the route expansions in Greenwich enable CenturyLink® to add around twenty ‘Class A’ buildings at business offices, which adds to the on-net portfolio of the Telco. In addition to that, the expansions strengthen the points of presence and fiber routes of CenturyLink® diversifying the carrier’s offerings further. What is going to help CenturyLink® to distance from their competitors is they are one of the few Telco’s having fiber routes in Greenwich that extends up to Long Island Sound north and south.

“As a company, we understand how important it is for businesses to have safe, secure and reliable network connections that deliver faster solutions to move their businesses forward,” said Carl Bonitz, CenturyLink’s GM for NYC, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. “Our expanded network provides businesses in Greenwich with local network infrastructure and support alongside global connectivity, creating a gateway for information exchange across the region and around the world.”

The new fiber loop build out expands the optical fiber network of CenturyLink® to over 45,000 route miles along with connections in up to five hundred main cities around the globe. It also follows up CenturyLink’s acquisition of Level 3 Communications in 2017.