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If people consider Dish more appealing, that is only because of the competitive features it offers. If you compare the pricing, features, and the technologies being used by the service provider, it would become quite clear that Dish has better options than its competitors. Moreover, Dish packages are more appealing and have the best programming. Dish Network channels are finely chosen as well.

Still not convinced about subscribing to Dish services? Below are a few reasons why you should seriously think about a switchover from your existing service provider to Dish Network.

The Best Price

Dish offers a variety of the packages ranging from low price packages to high price packages. Its lowest price package starts at $34.99. Nevertheless, if you compare it with the lowest packages offered by the competitor services like Comcast, you would know that there are huge differences.

Even at the lowest rate of $34.99, Dish is able to offer a channel line of more than 100 channels. You can find details about these channels at the Dish Network channel guide.

Year Round Discounts

Another stark difference between Dish and Comcast is the discounts offers. While Dish offers year round discount offers, Comcast troubles its customers by raising the prices from time to time. They do it even without providing their customers with any clues about the hike. This difference can be seen in the customer satisfaction index between both companies. Recent figures indicate that Dish scores 11% higher in customer satisfaction rating as compared to Comcast.

Updated Technologies

Dish Network Channels

Dish Networks

Dish is one of the few satellite service providers that give importance to upgraded technologies. It allows the customers to stay updated with the latest technologies it introduces into the market. The customers are not being charged any extra money for staying updated with these changes. On the other hand, cable TV alternatives tend to stick on the old technologies.

Better Home Integration

Dish technology allows you to stay connected while on the move. If you have missed watching any of your favorite programs, you can watch it later on your smartphone or tablet. All you need to have is the Dish Anywhere app and internet connection.

No Signal Loss

While using cable services or the satellite services offered by some other companies, signal loss is a known issue. But you would never hear about signal loss issue from any Dish customers. According to the company, it is able to offer 99.9% signal up time.

These are some of the reasons why you should prefer Dish Network to its competitors and other cable TV alternatives. There are many more, and you are sure to get value for money with Dish services.