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After AT&T deal was signed, DirecTV has been undergoing on a big programming front. A major contribution of DirecTV in this regard is the remote control. DirecTV now offers a single remote control using which you can improve your TV viewing experience.

With this single remote control, you can not only control the television but also all the connected devices such as audio devices, sound bar, Blue-Ray, DVD players, surround system, etc.

DirecTV offers two types of remotes: Genie Remote and Universal Remote. You need to choose the appropriate type of remote based on the type of devices and setup you have. Either of these can enhance the enjoyment of your favorite DirecTV Choice package.

On a Dish Vs DirecTV comparison, you would find that availability of a single device to connect multiple devices make DirecTV a more favorable option among the customers.

How To Control A DirecTV DVR With A Single Remote?

In order to control your DirecTV DVR, you first need to configure your remote. First of all, take your remote and push the Menu button on it. Navigate to the Settings and Help section. You can use the navigation buttons for the same.

Once you are in the Settings and Help section, select the Settings icon. This will bring up a new screen with a list of options. Move down the options using the navigation buttons and then select the Remote Control option. Following that, select the Program Remote option and then choose that device that you wish to program for controlling.

Follow the on-screen directions now to complete this. Once you are done with the programming, you can use the remote to control your DVR with ease.

How To Program DirecTV Universal Remote For An SD Receiver?

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You can program your DirecTV Universal Remote to use with your SD receiver or the Standard DVR as well. The configuration steps are quite easy. Go to the menu and navigate to Parental Favs and Setup. After that, select the system setup. You can use the navigation buttons for the same.

Following that, select the Program Remote option, followed by your device. Follow the on-screen directions carefully to configure the remote.