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HughesNet Voice Service

HughesNet has always been the number one choice for satellite internet in the nation. The reliable service and fast internet speed they offer has attracted more customers towards their offerings in the past few years. Another incredible new service launched by HughesNet is their voice services.

HughesNet voice service uses a satellite from outer space to beam phone calls into your house. This latest feature from HughesNet uses a groundbreaking technology called as HughesNet Voice-over-IP (VoIP), which uses and communicates over the same satellite connection used for HughesNet satellite internet service.

The installation process of HughesNet voice service is simple and quick. A certified HughesNet professional will come to your home after you sign up for the voice service. The technician will install a device named as ATA (analog telephone adapter), which routes your phone calls through the satellite dish and your modem.

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to use HughesNet voice service immediately, and enjoy the exciting budget-friendly plans and packages offered by Hughes Communications. A consistent and incredible high internet speed is one of the main highlights of HughesNet phone.

Moreover, this service will not influence the data allowance of your internet and it guarantees that your satellite internet connection will not be interrupted. The company claims that their subscribers will continue to receive the reliable and quality internet connection as always.

Finding an accurate match of high-speed internet and phone services at home might seem difficult for users. However, HughesNet has successfully solved this problem by offering quality phone and reliable home internet services. Furthermore, this service is also available at a much lower cost.

HughesNet has optimized their voice service to perfectly match and work with their HughesNet satellite internet. This will increase the convenience of the subscribers and they will get access to a better internet and phone connection.

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This voice service from HughesNet is simple, elegant, and affordable. In addition to this, HughesNet Voice also offers plenty of home phone features at zero extra charges, such as call waiting, unlimited calling in domestic Canada and United States, call forwarding, as well as enhanced voicemail that offers remote access to text and email alerts.

HughesNet Voice also offers an opportunity for their customers to use their existing phone number, while switching to their services. The customers could also select a new number as per their convenience.