HughesNet Internet

We all expect faster surfing, greater download speed, instant access to online data, and a lot more from our internet service provider. However, if you were connected with HughesNet Gen4, you would not want any more!

HughesNet offers everything you want from an internet provider. With the ultra high speed and reliable internet connection by HughesNet, you can stream music, watch online videos, download files, share pictures, and do a lot more online. You even have the option to lease internet equipment from Hughes to cut short on the initial costs. Call 855-398-2985 now to learn more about HughesNet Internet deals in your area.

Running Ads When Viewers Pause Streaming Content

As video viewing trait of consumers gravitates to on-demand streaming platforms or services, cable and internet companies will obviously get astute about how to keep generating ad revenue that would have otherwise come from traditional commercials. Reports  say that Hulu and AT&T® are apparently considering a type of advertisement that would run when customers pause […]

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Video Streaming Platform in the Offing for Broadband-Only Subscribers

One of the top cable providers, Comcast® plans to launch a product for internet-only customers that will allow them to aggregate some streaming applications, comprising Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, with a voice remote. According to sources close to the developments, the company is planning the launch in reaction to the challenge of navigating video […]

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Consumer Traits in the Cable and Internet Segment in Q3

Cable television viewership and customer counts keep dropping as the segment sees ever-growing competition from streaming upstarts. Cord cutters see them as alternatives to standard cable TV. However, Comcast®, which provides cheap cable and internet packages to customers, had a fine third quarter (Q3). Further, it added to its footprint in the country, picking up […]

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An Address-Based Approach to Fill the Data Gaps

Federal regulators have a concern that is well documented – they do not know where exactly telecommunications services are. However, the Dallas-based Telco giant AT&T® is proposing a possible solution to it – one that comprises getting the address of everyone. There are many customers looking for cheap cable and internet near me, while some […]

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beIN SPORTS Sign a Long-Term Renewal Agreement with Dish Network®

The executives from beIN SPORTS, a global network of sports channels, recently announced that they have signed a new long-term content distribution renewal agreement with Sling TV® and Dish Network®. This means that the sports channels of beIN SPORTS will be available in all Sling® and Dish Network® packages. Dish Network® is one of the […]

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How to Catch the Best Cable Deals in the Market

The launch of online streaming services such as DIRECTV NOW®, Hulu, and Netflix has encouraged several customers to ditch their traditional TV service and enter into a partnership with these streaming service providers. It is true that subscribing to a streaming service will enable you to catch your favorite TV shows, blockbuster movies, sports events, […]

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AT&T® to Follow the Market for 5G Rollout

Recently, the best internet provider AT&T® announced that it plans to roll out the 5G service in a dozen cities by 2018 and named seven cities the company plans to connect to the 5G network early 2019. The Dallas-based carrier is rolling out the required equipment to support the fresh wireless standard across the US. […]

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How to Find the Best Internet Providers near you

The internet speed requirements of both resident and business customers have considerably increased over the last few years. This is because most of us have become too reliant on the internet these days. We use the internet connection at our home to access social media platforms, browse the web, play online multiplayer games, stream video […]

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Moving Away from Cable: The Cons and Whether you are OK with Them

These days, most consumers are aware of the abundance of cable TV alternatives available in the entertainment marketplace. Many have adopted these, while others are preparing to follow suit in hopes of better programming, as well as other benefits. “Cutting the cord”, as this is now popularly called, is a raging trend tempting many TV […]

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All you Need to Know about Internet Speeds

No matter what kind of internet user you are, serious gamer, Netflix binger, or a professional who does a lot of their work online, you need good internet speeds to be able to properly meet your needs. If you are yet to get a connection set up at your place of residence or employ, simply […]

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