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Hughes Network Systems® had launched an upgrade for their satellite based internet service, HughesNet® broadband, in the month of March and this upgrade helped them transform into the first residential satellite-based internet service that meet the definition of “broadband” internet by Federal Communications Commission. That is old story. Now, HughesNet® is planning another important leap in their best internet service, in terms of broadband. They are planning to introduce a 100 Mbps capable internet service network based on their new satellite that is to be launched on 2021.

HughesNet® Gen5 was serving 100,000 plus internet users by the month of June and offers download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps through their EchoStar 19/Jupiter 2 and EchoStar 18/Jupiter 1 satellites. HughesNet® owns about sixty percent share of the satellite based internet service in the United States and their service targets the rural residential users who are underserved by the terrestrial telecommunications and cable providers.

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Ka-Band Satellite Service

Recently, HughesNet® executives announced that they have signed a contract with the Space Systems Loral to make a new EchoStar/Jupiter satellite, that is to be named as EchoStar XXIV/Jupiter 3. This Ultra High Density Satellite (UHDS) from HughesNet® will offer residential internet and commercial data services like cellular network “backhaul” and in-flight internet. This new satellite, EchoStar 24 will be added to the existing fleet of HughesNet® satellites, will more than double the available Ka-band satellite service of HughesNet® across South America and North America. It is reported that this new satellite will have 500 Gbps of throughput.

It is reported that HughesNet® will likely not be the first to the 100 Mbps club. ViaSat executives announced their plans in 2016 to have the ViaSat-3 class of communication satellites. Each of these satellites is said to have a capacity of 1 Tbps, which is about the total capacity of “approximately 400 commercial communications satellites in space today—combined,” a ViaSat spokesperson said during the announcement in February 2016.

In addition to offering 100 Mbps internet service, ViaSat-3 will also offer up to 1 Gbps internet speeds for oil and gas industry (maritime applications) and for streaming movies for the aviation customers of ViaSat. It is reported that the two satellites of ViaSat to be delivered in 2019 will offer best internet service in USA, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. They are also planning to deliver a third satellite to serve the Asian countries.