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HughesNet is all set to increase their subscribership by using the same innovative technology, which made their internet service a huge success among their home phone service users. The revolutionary technology, popularly known as HughesNet Voice-over-IP (VoIP), has allowed their subscribers to enjoy reliable high-speed internet service at an affordable cost.

Many subscribers have shifted from other internet providers to HughesNet offerings due to the exceptional service they offer. In addition to that, HughesNet installation can also be completed in a matter of few minutes and a professional technician from the company will be there to assist you during the entire process.

In a recent announcement, HughesNet confirmed the launch of a latest cost-effective and high quality phone service for small-scale businesses in the country. The launch of this latest service is actually one of the features of the HughesNet® Business Internet program. HughesNet is the leading satellite internet service provider in the country that offers reliable internet and exceptional voice service to small-scale businesses, regardless of their location.

The latest voice offering from this leading satellite internet provider will offer numerous benefits to the subscribers, which includes unlimited Voice over IP (VoIP) calling to Canada and within the United States. Some of the other features included in this offering are call forwarding, call waiting, simultaneous ring, call block, caller ID, and voicemail. HughesNet has also guaranteed that the VoIP service will not negatively affect their internet service.

Mike Cook, senior vice president for Hughes Network Systems said, “With HughesNet Voice, we are bringing our years of experience delivering high-quality VoIP services to the small business market. HughesNet Voice delivers fully featured calling services to businesses regardless of where they are located, enabling them to stay connected with customers, partners and suppliers.”

HughesNet Voice

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HughesNet has also made it possible to add the optional service, HughesNet Voice, to any of their existing HughesNet Business Internet service packages. This service is instantly available and can be purchased either for month to month or for a two-year plan.

Two international calling options are also made available in this service. One of the options is for unlimited minutes, while the other one is for 200 minutes. In addition to that, the setup, voice equipments, and activation are also free to the subscribers.