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Ever since AT&T bought DirecTV, it was trying to get more subscribers to the service with new and variety deals. The latest deal is that if you sign up to DirecTV, you get a new iPhone 6 and 50% off for five more iPhones from AT&T. Customers can choose any 16GB model of iPhone 6.

Those who are exited with this offer should note that the deal would end on June 30. A catch in this deal though, is that when they said “free” iPhones, the phone is not completely free – you have to sign up with DirecTV by paying the rate that comes around the price of an iPhone. However, AT&T will issue 30 monthly credits along with your iPhone, so that you don’t have to pay monthly bills on your TV programming needs.

A great advantage of this deal is for those who are planning to buy more than one phone. According to the deal, you can buy five more iPhones at 50% off. That is, if you make three purchases, you get one of them for free. This is a good deal to upgrade your entire family’s phones.

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There is a chance that iPhone 7 might be announced and released later this year. So if you are buying iPhone 6 now then you won’t be able to get the new updates and features in iPhone 7. If you don’t mind, then it is not a big deal; but this is a matter for consideration for those who wish to remain in the latest generation of iPhone.

Those who are planning to buy the deal need to hurry up since the deal closes soon. This nearly free iPhones are advantage for people who continue to use satellite TV over streaming services. Steven Schwadron, a representative for AT&T said that the promotion covers the Northern Plains, Mid-Atlantic, and Rocky Mountain markets of the company.

The new deal is AT&Ts step to promote its wireless business alongside DirecTV. AT&T launched unlimited data plan for DirecTV subscribers in the beginning of this year aiming for the same purpose. In April, it offered two-year guaranteed pricing for DirecTV packages, which gives access to the satellite TV service along with new or existing subscriptions for home internet and wireless connection.