DirecTV Vs Dish

DirecTV Deals

There seems to be a clear misunderstanding among the people about the services offered by both DirecTV and Dish Network. People are really concerned to know about which company offers the most. Obviously, as a customer, we need to look for a service that gives more at low costs. Let us take a look at the services offered by both DirecTV and Dish Network. This will be quite useful in determining the best service for your entertainment.

Does DirecTV Offer More?

As compared to Dish Network, DirecTV offers pretty good services at the same rate or even cheaper. While DirecTV ensures to provide their customers with maximum variety of channels, exclusive sports coverage, great features and value for money, Dish Network offers average services. Besides that, a new Dish subscriber is expected to buy the equipments on his own. On the other hand, DirecTV subscribers are provided with all the required devices at no extra cost.

Basic Packages Of DirecTV And Dish Network

With DirecTV’s basic package, DirecTV Select, customers get most of the popular channels like A&E, CNN, Bravo, C, Disney, SyFy, TBS, TLC, TNT, USA, History, FX, etc. An equivalent package offered by Dish Network, known as Smart Pack, offers no channels at all. The customers have to choose their desired channels at additional price.

Nevertheless, Dish Smart Pack allows customers to wireless-record three shows at a time. Well, this is not a big deal as compared to DirecTV, because it permits their customers to record up to 5 shows on any of their favorite channels.

DirecTV Beats Dish TV In Multiple Ways

DirecTV Features

DirecTV Offers

It is not just the number of channels offered that make DirecTV better than Dish Network. The use of cutting edge technology is a good reason for one to prefer DirecTV to all its competitors.

Also, DirecTV subscribers are given Free Genie whole-home HD DVR upgrade option. To get an equivalent service from Dish, one has to pay $199.

DirecTV allows you to connect up to 8 channels to one HD DVR wirelessly. And it lets you have an idea about all the programs going to be aired on it for the next 14 days with a single button click.

DirecTV gives out NFL Sunday Tickets to their customers. No such options are available with Dish.