DirecTV Korean Channels

DirecTV subscribers can now watch the most admired Korean channels without the going through the hassle of picking channels one by one. DirecTV offers more Korean channels than any other service provider does, and almost 14 Korean channels are available in a single package.

Quality Korean programs, which include dramas, popular TV shows, news, sports, and many other, are available to the viewers through DirecTV packages. Here is a snapshot of the two most popular DirecTV Korean packages.


Almost 14 popular Korean channels are available in this package; this package is the perfect one for you, if you don’t want to miss out any of your favorite TV programming. The channels included in this package are:

SBS – This channel is one of the top three Korean channels; it helps you to stay updated with live news updates from Korea, and all around the world. This channel features different TV shows, hit dramas, and sports events as well.

MBC – This channel also secures a spot in the top three most favorite Korean channels today. Comedy shows, documentaries, and news updates are all available in this channel. However, the highlight of MBC is the drama shows broadcasted in the channel.

KBS World – This channel is Korea’s No.1 channel, which offers wide varieties of entertaining programs. High rated dramas, extensive documentaries, news coverage, and sports programs are the highlights of this channel.

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV Packages

SBS Plus – This channel offers different entertaining programs such as dramas, talk shows, and original sports programs. Korea Ladies Professional Golf Associations (KLPGA) golf tournament is also aired on SBS Plus. DirecTV brings live access to this year-round tournament through SBS Plus.

KoreanDirect Golf

This is the second most watched Korean package, which is available to DirecTV customers. This package is targeted to Golf lovers and the highlight of this package is the addition of the Golf Channel.

The Golf Channel provides live coverage of Golf tournaments from all around the world. News, discussions, and expert opinions on the game are also available in this channel. The Champions Tour, LPGA Tour, USGA, PGA of America, PGA Tour of Australia, and Sunshine Tour of Southern Africa are aired on this channel.