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Channels Blackout

Even after many months of negotiations on contract, Dish Network and KSL TV have failed to come to an agreement, and the satellite TV provider has removed KSL TV from the Dish Network channels list. It is reported that KSL TV will remain in negotiations with Dish Network until a final decision is made on the carriage deals.

“We have offered the same fair market rates that DISH already pays other local stations in the Salt Lake market and DISH has refused our repeated offers. Our goal was to reach an agreement and we worked diligently to do so before a blackout occurred. We are still hopeful we will reach an agreement soon,” said Tayna Vea, who is the vice president and general manager of KSL 5 TV.

Reports say that KSL TV was removed from the Dish Network channels list on Thursday night, and users are no longer able to watch any of their favorite KSL TV programming on channels including NBC Prime, KSL TV News, NFL Football, and Studio 5. However, Dish users who wish to watch KSL TV programming will be able to receive the signal over the air using an antenna. KSL TV officials also said that Dish Network users could move their subscription to other service providers like DirecTV or Comcast to get the channels.

The signal of KSL TV is retransmitted by about thirty different cable and satellite systems. KSL TV is paid a retransmission fee by all of the providers who are carrying their broadcast signal. The fee for retransmission is decided through contract negotiations.

Dish Network

Contract Negotiation Continues

As per the KSL TV representatives, they have offered Dish Network the same rates that Dish pays to other local broadcast stations in Salt Lake. However, Dish Network officials repeatedly declined their offer. It is confirmed that the channel will remain dark until Dish Network and KSL TV reach an agreement on carriage fee.

“We will continue to negotiate with DISH-TV and remain committed to serving our viewers and this community,” Vea said. KSL TV asked their viewers to call Dish Network to let them know that they want them to keep KSL on the Dish Network channels list.

It is also reported that Dish Network could blackout CBS soon as well. In a Facebook post, KWTV warned Dish Network users that they could lose CBS programming from Dec 31 midnight. It is rumored that News 9 is currently negotiating with Dish Network to continue providing the programming.