Last Chance To Grab DirecTV Now’s 100+ Channels For 35 Dollars

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV Now Go Big Plan

If you are planning to get DirecTV Now service promotional price of thirty-five dollars a month for more than hundred channels, act immediately because this is your last chance!

This promotional price for the DirecTV Now Go Big pack will end on January 10, and after that, the 100+ streaming package will jump to sixty dollar per month. However, if you manage to lock into the thirty-five dollars a month promotional price now, you will always get the 100 plus channels package for just 35 dollars a month until you cancel the service.

When AT&T announced that they would offer such huge breadth of programming for 35 dollars a month, it seemed like a game changer. Experts believed that DirecTV Now would be a great deal for people who are looking to get rid of their big cable packages.

However, there were a few big issues when the service was released. It suffered outages, false blackouts, and strange error messages. There were also issues with some of the local affiliate stations, meaning that some of the users were unable to watch their local broadcast stations even though they paid for it.

On top of that, there is no cloud DVR available with DirecTV Now, even though AT&T says the feature is coming. All this will be a pain for you if you are used to the cable experience. Yet the decision will depend on what you need out of the streaming service.


DirecTV Now Service

If you are looking to cut costs on your cable bill while having a service that offer a similar experience, then DirecTV Now is not for you. You would definitely be frustrated with the service, at least until AT&T solves the issues.

DirecTV Now will be a great deal for the cord nevers though. These people never had a cable subscription, and DirecTV for thirty-five dollars will make it very easy for this group of people to watch TV, as they want.

Besides that, the HBO add-on option for just five dollars a month is a big advantage. AT&T said that their DirecTV Now service is for people who have dropped out of pay TV services.

If you never had a cable subscription, you can consider having DirecTV Now, as you will not be able to find comparable programming at such low prices from any of the competing services like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue.