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DirecTV’s round-the-clock 4K broadcasts are going online this month. The one thing we know for sure because it came from the provider in an announcement is that it will kick off with the Golf Master’s tournament, which is to be forecasted in 4K format. What they have yet to announce is when the channel itself will start to air. Chances are that there will be talk of this at the DirecTV Revolution dealer show in the second week of this month.

What Channel Will It Be On

When 4K content starts coming on, it is probably going to be on a channel in the 100’s, and I am betting its 104. If the channel guide doesn’t show the 4K channels after they have been announced, there is the option of finding out by pressing the INFO button when you are watching TV, and toggling on to Favorites. Move down to the Channels I Get option and hit SELECT. Alternately, search for 4K content by hitting MENU, then arrow down to Search and Browse, and type in 4K as the query.

How Many 4K Channels Will There Be

You are probably going to see between one and three 4K channels, which have a variety of content in ultra-clarity, such as sports, live events, and pre-recorded programming.

The HR54 Genie Receiver

To get 4K, you will need to get an HR54 Genie DVR along with a C61K 4K Genie Mini client (or DIRECTV 4K Ready Smart TV). The DVR can only record and not output 4K. An older model of Genie will not work here. If you do want 4K service and if it is not already there, then this is a prime requirement.

Why You Need The HR54 Genie

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The simple reason that 4K needs the HR54 to work is that the technology required to run it is not found in the HR44, and this would also require 7 open SWM channels. You will not hit a snag there as long as you are using only Genie Clients or DirecTV Ready TVs.

On the other hand, plenty of users have legacy receivers or DVRs they do not want going to waste, but to get those to work. In that case, you would have to figure out the number of tuners in it, and the kind of multi-switch it would require. That is a lot of math, and it is a lot easier if you stick with the Genie.

From the standing announcement, you can move on to 4K service without the need to change your dish, although that could change in the coming months.