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TV these days is a treasure trove for some of the best shows ever made. Netflix is one service that went all in and came up with its own popular shows, while essentially uncovering what original streaming can deliver. Other streaming services have tried and failed to get the same results. Netflix has been doing a good sight better than even network TV, for the following reasons.

Netflix Lets You Binge-Watch

There was a time when you had to wait a week to catch the next episode of your favorite show. There is the idea of building up expectancy to stretch out ad revenue over 6 months. Netflix doesn’t really care for the latter, so their original programming consists of an entire season’s worth of episodes aired in a single day. If you chose to go through it all in one sitting, that would work too.

They Don’t Do Primetime

The bigger networks like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC have all been the actively vying for top spot since the start. But they mainly want to dominate prime time, which is between 8 and 11 pm on weekdays. This is when they air their best shows, trying to get the most viewers on single nights. Netflix, meanwhile, doesn’t care about any of that either. It has a flexible release schedule, meaning full seasons can come out any time of any day.

Ratings Don’t Affect Service

Netflix Service

Primetime Shows

Netflix keeps their streaming data under heavy guard, and only lets it out when it is really necessary. On the inside, they are always aware of the number of people streaming shows and movies, and this data benefits subsequent original programming. TV networks use a rating system that simply cannot work as accurately, which means many shows with millions of viewers could end up with low ratings.

Shows From Marvel

Marvel’s TV foray started with Agents of SHIELD on ABC, and then a later spin-off, Agent Carter. But the vast majority of the studio’s efforts have been finding their way into Netflix. Case in point: Daredevil. They have also started off Jessica Jones, and have Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders lined up. Suffice it to say that Marvel’s popularity is contagious at this point, and Netflix seems like it is soundly enjoying the benefits.

Equal If Not Better Quality Of Shows

Ease of access isn’t the only thing people love about the Netflix service. They put out really great shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and more. These match up against the best primetime shows quite well. And besides, Netflix doesn’t mind or fear failing every once in a while, because they don’t have a time slot which they would lose to competitors this way.