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Netflix streaming service will be available on Xfinity X1 from Comcast. Experts in telecommunication industry say that the move of bringing together two former adversaries could offer a bump in the total US subscribers of Netflix.

It is reported that Comcast will allow non-Netflix subscribers to sign up for the VOD service via X1 on TV. Moreover, the offer also includes a one-month free trial for the eligible customers. Comcast users will then be billed for the standard Netflix rates ($9.99 per month for the two-stream HD plan). Existing Netflix subscribers just need to sign into the service through X1, making use of their credentials.

A report by Cowen & Co. analyst John Blackledge says that with Comcast’s X1 integration, Netflix could sign up four to five million new subscribers. With the new offering, Comcast will have between nine million and eleven million video subscribers who have access to Netflix via the X1 set top box. Cowen also estimates that about fifty-eight percent of the Comcast X1 subscribers are paid subscribers of Netflix. At the end of September, Comcast had about 22.43 million video subscribers across the nation.

“Comcast billing of your Netflix charges is provided as a convenience to you,” a representative said. Although the terms of the agreement has not yet been disclosed, rumors say that Netflix might be paying a one-time bounty fee to Comcast for the new subscribers that are acquired thorough the Multiple System Operator.

With Netflix on Comcast Xfinity X1, cable customers can browse and access Netflix movies and TV shows together with live, DVR, On-Demand, as well as web programming that are included with their Xfinity X1 subscription.

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Netflix content will be completely integrated with into Xfinity On Demand service, allowing X1 customers to watch old and current seasons of Netflix original series like “Orange Is the New Black,” “House of Cards,” and “Stranger Things” from the same menu of Comcast VOD.

“The Netflix integration into the X1 platform means our mutual customers will no longer need to change inputs or juggle remotes,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix co-founder and CEO. “Now they can seamlessly move between the Netflix app and their cable service, enjoying all the TV shows and movies they love without hassle.”