Dish Vs DirecTV

Dish Hopper 3

Dish network introduced its game-changing Hopper 3 set top box some time ago, leading to a strong Dish vs DirecTV comparison trend among customers. And now the company has made some improvements to it. The upgraded version of the set top box is already available in the market.

Dish network team believes that the new Hopper 3 set top box is sure to make serious waves in the satellite television industry. The unique feature that Dish claimed to have on its first version of Hopper 3 was the ‘auto hop’ feature. This feature allowed users to record all their favorite shows and play them when needed. During this playback time, users are able to skip the TV commercials as well.

The introduction of the ‘auto hop’ feature had brought huge outrage in the industry. There was even a high-profile lawsuit against this feature. Nevertheless, Dish was able to manage all these, and today, Hopper 3 is owned by thousands of users across America. The upgraded version of Hopper 3 set top box will contain a number of new features as well.

16 Tuners To Prevent Recording Conflicts

The first version of Hopper 3 set top box had to face some lawsuits although it came with many stunning features. Most users reported conflicts while recording their favorite programs. Well, the upgraded set top box will solve this as it has incorporated 16 tuners that would guarantee conflict-free recording of any number of programs.

At the moment, Dish is the only company that offers 16 tuners for program recording. Customers see this as plus point while comparing Dish vs DirecTV. Moreover, the tuners make it possible for the users to watch favorite programs while recording them.

4K Video

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Subscription

The latest version of Hopper 3 enables decoding of 4K videos. By default, it is compatible with numerous 4K programming, for instance, titles from Sony Pictures. Dish network sources reported that they would be releasing 4K content from Netflix soon.

Universal Search With Network

Dish has plans to include the Netflix titles and apps in its universal search results. Discussions regarding the same are going on. When this new feature is introduced, users will be able to view Dish Network channel guide with details of the programs and the latest episodes from various sources such as On Demand options, future airings, DVR recordings, and Netflix.

Dish is not charging any upfront fee from customers who are buying the latest version of Hopper 3. However, they will be charged an additional fee of $15 per month as whole-home DVR fee.