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DirecTV has always been keen on implementing new features to attract more subscribers to its customer base. One such endeavor is the DirecTV Kids app targeted for youngsters.

Currently available in the iOS platform, the DirecTV Kids app is a useful app that helps children to access the streaming contents in their devices without the need of any parental monitoring or guidance. The app is a great relief to parents, because it gives them the freedom of filtering the content suited for child audience.

DirecTV Kids

The Kids app from DirecTV is a fun and easy way for children to watch their favorite shows and movies anywhere, anytime on a tablet or smartphone. Designed with keeping the younger generation in mind, it allows you to stream any movie or show from the networks you have already subscribed to on DirecTV, and for no extra charges.

Hundreds of popular shows intended for child audience can be accessed this way. In fact, this is the best app in the market today, with contents from best entertainment channels like Cartoon Network, HBO, and Disney Channel. The app features big buttons and unique bubble filters, which makes it fun for kids to browse and play the shows they like.

With reference to reviews and parental ratings, most subscribers have said that they could finally relax, knowing that their children are in the safest viewing environment. It eases the need for parental attention and is the perfect choice for working parents who lack enough time to spend with their children.

How It Works


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The DirecTV Kids app has a simple user interface, which allows children to select the category they want to view. The opening page of the app has six bubbles corresponding to six genres, namely Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Animation, Drama, and Fantasy. When the child selects the desired option, a list of shows pour in, sorted in order of the viewing history. New shows according to the viewing patterns of the child are also suggested.

With the DirecTV Kids app, your little ones can quickly browse through recently watched shows, and create custom filters in the browse section by combining and popping bubbles. All shows from their favorite channels could be viewed together as well. Parents love features like viewing history along with its rating in the settings page, which is a good thing to keep a track of your child’s TV watching habits.