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Satellite Vs Cable

As TV keeps improving day-by-day, there is a lot of competition between satellite and cable service providers to prove which one is better. Making a decision becomes even more of a challenge for customers when they find that in both the cases, there are things that they like and they don’t.


Usually, satellite TV service requires a dish on top of your roof. The customer can either install it himself or ask for the help of a professional for that. The signal is then received by the receiver. For online interaction and programming updates, customers are also encouraged to have a phone line installed. However, cable TV installation requires a technician and the line is directly connected to the TV.


Rates of satellite TV are fixed based on the packages customer subscribe to plus any additional pay channels or on demand movies. The cost is additional for extra receivers. Cable rates on the on other hand depends on the community you are living in. They were the first to offer bundle packages which included both internet and phone connection.


If there is heavy rain or snow the reception, quality of the satellite may suffer. However, customers can take the help of an on screen guide to adjust the settings. With cable, it usually requires calling the tech. Yet again, it would be much easier to call a local cable service guy, than calling the customer care center for the satellite provider.


DirecTV Family Package

TV Packages

An analog signal is what was provided by the cable when it began in 1940’s. However, when satellite TV started offering its service in the 1990’s, they offered digital services packaged with higher picture quality and sound. However, cable TV converted to digital by the year 2009, and both satellite and cable offer the same quality these days.


It would be difficult for the dish to receive any signal if the customer resides in a mountainous or forested region. Cable companies fare better in such cases though even they have their limitations when providing service to some rural areas.

Besides all that, cable offers a pre-set channel lineup under a fixed cost, where you can customize your channels with a satellite TV connection. And you get a lot of channels and programming options with satellite TV as well.


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