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Comcast®, one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the United States and arguably the cheapest cable provider in many parts of the country, recently upgraded to a digitalized version. This means customers will now have to use a digital set-top box in order to watch their favorite channels on TV. Besides, Comcast® customers will have to pay an additional bill amount of $90 for a professional installation of the set-top box or the internet modem, if purchased individually, and not as part of a bundled package.

Both the new customers as well as the existing customers, who are using Comcast® services, must pay this tech visit bill. In fact, Comcast® even became a victim of highly suspicious tech press for this reason very recently. However, the Telco had already announced that the customers who require internet-only service could use their self-installation kit to install the set-top box or the internet modem, and avoid paying the tech visit bill of $90.

Responding to all suspicious news, Comcast® said, “For internet-only customers, we offer two options that do not require an in-home tech visit. A customer can use an Xfinity® self-install kit with a modem leased from Comcast®, or purchase his/her own modem.” They also said that customers could order the new modem online either by visiting an Xfinity® Store or just by making a call.

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The cable company, who often comes up with best cable deals in the US, further added, “We’ve worked hard to make the self-install experience simple and easy and it’s a growing and popular way for new customers to connect. When the installation is more complex, we schedule a technician visit. There are reasons that an in-home technician visit may be necessary. For example, if our engineers need to test signal strength and connections in a home that hasn’t been serviced in a number of years, or if the installation is more complicated for products like Gigabit internet or there are multiple services (like home security) being installed. For these situations, we offer competitively-priced options, which vary by market. It’s important to note that we can’t offer self-install kits for residences that we already serve with an existing customer.”

Note that the installation fee of $90 may vary depending on the market as well as whether or not the cable company has any active promotion schemes running. Furthermore, Comcast® also announced that the installation fee of $90 would be refunded if it turns out that there was no need for special installation.