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One of the major challenges faced by satellite and cable providers during this season is the unexpected and record-low fall in NFL ratings. However, reports from Sling TV indicate that the fall in NFL rating has not yet affected them.

When interviewers asked the Sling TV Chief Product Officer, Ben Weinberger on how their deal with NFL was going on, He replied, “We’re having record-breaking days.” Weinberger seemed confident and content about their deal with NFL Network and on the number of viewers, who are switching to Sling TV to watch the NFL games.

Weinberger said, “Monday Night Football pay television ratings are tanking, but our Monday Night Football viewership numbers are breaking all our own records, increasing week over week. I think there is so much pent up demand for streaming live sports, and people want an alternative to pay television.”

Dish Network’s Sling TV brings an exceptional collection of popular channels, which includes FOX, NBC, ESPN, and many more, at an affordable cost in the range of $20-40 a month. In addition to this, Sling also offers special packages to their subscribers in order to include channels like NFL RedZone, and NFL Network to their package.

Initially, Sling TV encountered enormous challenges to bring the uninterrupted and quality live stream of NFL games to their subscribers. Sling subscribers responded harshly against the network’s inability through social media during its launch period. However, Sling TV has effectively solved the issue, and now, subscribers are receiving an impeccable coverage of NFL games. Consequently, the number of complaints and criticism against the network has also drastically declined over the past few months.

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“In 2016, we’ve focused on a couple key things, scalability and infrastructure,” Weinberger said. He also added that even though their negotiations with NFL were time consuming, the deal has really paid off. Moreover, Sling was able to draw in more subscribers to their offerings in the past couple of months due to the excellent streaming of popular sports events.

Weinberger thinks that Sling TV is ready to face the large competition between providers to bring the live streaming of NFL games and other major sports events. He said, “Rising tides lift all boats. A lot of people aren’t aware that they can stream NFL games online, more competition sheds light on this, which really helps everyone.”