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Sling TV services was launched by Dish Network in February 2015 and it offered cheap and affordable streaming TV services to the subscribers. Recently, Sling has made their already services even more affordable by announcing price cuts on their Extra bundles. Experts say that the deal will be attractive to those customers who do not want to pay for the channels that they do not watch.

When the service was launched in February 2015, it was the first multichannel live television service to use internet to stream videos. In the past few years, competitors such as DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue have emerged, but Sling TV still remain one of the most affordable services. Even today, Sling TV is one of the cheapest internet based television services.

In a post on the Sling TV website, they shared that they wish to continue to offer the best value by decreasing the price for their much popular Extras bundles. Officials from Sling said that each bundle would cost ten dollars, which was previously twenty dollars. Subscribers can also get all the four Extras bundles for thirty dollars a month.

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Sling TV Packages

The Extra bundles offering from Sling TV group together similar content from different networks under varied categories to make it easy for the subscribers to find their favorite programs. The four bundles on offer are Comedy, News, Lifestyles, and Kids. You can have a small description of the content in the each of the bundles, below.

News – This bundle includes various news networks from around the world and include HLN network.

Lifestyle – Offers various networks like the Hallmark Channel, Cooking Channel, and VH1.

Comedy – Offers programming from various networks like GSN, Spike, and MTV.

Kids – The bundle offers On-Demand content from different children friendly networks like Boomerang.

If you are already subscribers of these bundles, you need not worry as Sling got you covered. “Customers who already subscribe to Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra will automatically see the multi-Extra discount reflected on their next bill,” Sling officials said.