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Presidential Candidiate Debate

Two major television events were available to the subscribers on Sling TV last Monday. The first was a debate between the Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, whereas the second event was a long awaited football game between the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints.

Interestingly, the latest update from one of the internet-only services, Sling TV, indicates that more viewers switched in to watch the broadcast of the debate between the Presidential candidates rather than switching to the Monday night football game.

In a report by Dish Network, Sling TV confirmed that approximately 68 percent more viewers watched the debate on CNN, when compared to the football game aired on ESPN. However, reports from Sling TV indicate that the football game received an initial lead in the number of viewers. Yet the main reason for this lead is supposed to be the difference in timing, as the game began 30 minute before the debate. Apparently, the viewership of the football game started to fall dramatically as the debate moved on.

Sling TV reported that viewers continued to watch CNN, even after the end of the debate at 08:35 p.m., although some subscribers gradually switched back to the ESPN channel in order to watch the game. They also stated that majority of their Colorado viewers watched the football game and they switched to CNN only between 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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Most Watched Program

Even the reports from other satellite/cable providers, who offered the telecast of the game, indicate that the viewership of the debate surpassed that of the football game. Hollywood Reporter even states that the debate was simultaneously aired in almost ten channels and “umpteen streamers”. Reports also reveal a 22 percent increase in the viewership when compared to the 2012 debate between the Presidential candidates.

Sling TV has also offered an animated look on how their viewers watched the debate or game. They even offered an 18-hour free trial, which was exclusive for their subscribers to watch the programs last week. Sling TV subscribers were offered a chance to access the channels offered in the Sling Orange package for free during the 18 hour period.