HughesNet Gen4 Service Plans


Hughes Network Systems offers HughesNet Gen4 service plans that feature a new generation of performance improving innovations in downloading, uploading, browsing, and management of internet data. The Gen4 plans make use of SmartTechnologies™ and allow customers to do more of what they want online, without any service interruptions.

SmartTechnologies improve data compression, download speeds and loading time of websites. “Hughes invented satellite Internet and is constantly innovating to enhance our customers’ online experiences,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president at Hughes Network Systems.

“As the clear market leader, with over a million active users in North America, we strive to make HughesNet the best solution for people to enjoy all the benefits of high-speed Internet access no matter where they live or work—even in ex-urban and rural areas with limited terrestrial broadband,” he added.

The SmartTechnologies suite from HughesNet Internet has four tools: SmartFetch, SmartCompression, SmartBrowsing, and SmartResources. These ‘Smart’ tools compress data effectively, increase download speeds, and allow users to improve their browsing by optimizing data usage. Three of the SmartTechnologies tools manage data handling in background to offer maximum convenience to users, where one, that is SmartResources, allows users to see their data allowances and offers them the capability to add data plans with tokens.

The various tools of SmartTechnologies are discussed below.

SmartFetch: This technology reduces the time take by a website to load. This is done by decreasing the number of hops that are needed to get a web content.

SmartCompression: This tool shrinks web data by about thirty percent, allowing subscribers to download more content while using less data.

HughesNet Internet


SmartBrowsing: This feature allows the users of HughesNet Internet to continue browsing and emailing, even if the monthly data allowance is exceeded. This feature is available only in some areas and on selected plans.

SmartResources: This feature allows users to have complete control over their data bandwidth. It has a Status Meter that shows monthly data allowance of the users and notifies users with SmartBrowsing feature, when the service kicks in.