DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Myths

These days with the swelling customer base that over-the-top internet television services have been raking in, you hear plenty of things about DirecTV, and about satellite TV in general. Here at The Triple Play, we are all about giving consumers the clearest view of the options they have, and as such, we have come across a few myths that need debunking. This isn’t about DirecTV being the best –which it arguably is – but about things that some cord cutters seem to believe that aren’t very true.

  1. Your Signal Will Go Out

DirecTV uses high-powered satellites to transmit the digital feeds that your dish picks up, and the technology has been shown to be reliable up to 99% of the time. That means you are never out of reach of the entertainment you are paying for.

  1. The Equipment Costs Too Much

Upgrading DirecTV is generally affordable, and you need not buy any additional equipment. You even have batteries included with the remote. The pricing of DirecTV packages is another matter entirely, but you need to consider the lineup of channels those bring, not to mention exclusive NFL coverage.

  1. It Is Too Hard To Install

A professional installer does all the work of setting up your new connection. In addition to that, standard installation of the TV system is free in up to four rooms.

  1. Many Places Don’t Have Coverage

DirecTV Choice Package

DirecTV Programming

DirecTV is available nationwide, and as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, your dish can pick up a signal. DirecTV serves almost every neighborhood in the country, thanks to the excellent reach of satellite signals.

  1. You Can’t Get Local Channels

DirecTV provides upwards of 99 local channels to every place it airs to, and that is pretty much anywhere in the U.S. That means you get to enjoy local programs as well as nationwide premium channels, plus a lot more.

After the past year’s acquisition by AT&T, DirecTV has had many changes brought in, and you are more or less guaranteed to like every one of them. The latest in a stream of developments is the 4K channel set to debut next month, and 3 streaming TV services that let you watch a good deal of the current programming over the internet.

For the Live streaming, you won’t need any extra device or hub to be able to access channels. There is even a less expensive mobile option, but for that, you need to be an existing AT&T customer.