Dish Network Packages

Dish TV Subscriptions

It is easy to say that comparing will tell you which TV provider has the better plans. But when you get down to it, what are the specific points to gauge them by? Is it just the number of channels, or is it attractive package pricing. Or is it both, and a few more factors besides?

What Can You Get With Dish?

  • More channels on a lower monthly fee
  • Whole-home HD-DVR setup. The latest version is Hopper 3
  • The option to watch live as well as recorded TV

Dish definitely scores over DirecTV when it comes to pricing. It is most popular package is America’s Top 120, which is comparable to the DirecTV Choice package.

Why DirecTV Is More Expensive

DirecTV is often vocal in their argument that they give more options than Dish, and that this is the reason for the higher price. For a huge portion of consumers, it is all about value, which is a different concept for everyone. One of the common benchmarks though, is the number of channels per packages, checked alongside the cost per month.

Dish Vs DirecTV

TV Service Provider

If you are new to sat-TV, you will need to know what both services have in common. Both bring a bunch of channels as well as whole-home DVR, although with Dish you are likely to get a slightly higher number of channels, and an arguably better DVR system. Also, you are paying less every month. As far as the technology is concerned, Dish has all rivals beat, whether it is at adopting, modifying or upgrading technologies. In addition, it lets customers use these without additional monthly charges.

When it comes to home integration, Dish lets you watch TV on more than just the living room set – on a phone or tablet, and even other connected devices. The Dish Anywhere App lets you make sure you are connected even while on the go, which means you could be anywhere and still have the option to watch TV.

Signal Strength

This is one important factor whether you use cable or satellite, and you rarely hear any complaints from Dish customers in this regard. Note that the company services millions of homes in the nation, so that is a good record. Besides that, they guarantee up time 99.9% of the time.

Some of these things mentioned here would urge you to go with Dish right away, but it is still wiser to make a detailed comparison before doing that.