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Many bigwigs in the communication field are increasing their internet speed. Spectrum® internet has increased their starting download speed by 66%, that is from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps, in Dayton. Surprisingly, even though Spectrum® is boosting their internet speed, they are not changing the pricing of their services.

According to the news released, new Spectrum® Internet users can avail the fastest 100 Mbps speed. On top of that, the company has increased the speed automatically for the current Spectrum® customers including both residential and business clients. Mark Dunford, the regional vice president of operations at Spectrum® said that more than 99% of their customers already have access to the internet speed of 100 Mbps in the region.

He also added that they are providing more speed for surfing, streaming, and accessing social media for their customers without any additional charges in their Spectrum® package. Moreover, the ultra customers of the company can avail the internet upgrade, which will increase their starting speed from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps without any additional charges as well. This will create a big stir amongst their rival internet service providers.

Charter Spectrum® officials declined to release their customer strength in the county due to reasons of competition with other internet service providers. However, the Telco claimed that they offer the fastest internet speed in the Dayton area without any modem fees, data caps, or contracts. Still, it is to be noted that a small percentage of Spectrum® customers will have to rely on a new modem to avail the faster speeds until they get their modems exchanged by the company.

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DOCSIS 3.1 Technology

Moreover, the company is also introducing its DOCSIS 3.1 technology this week. It comes with gigabits speed in Cincinnati, which will benefit some Spectrum® residential and business customers in that region. Besides that, they have not any timetable for the release of this super high-speed service in the southern part of Dayton region.

Charter Communications® wrapped up the acquisition of Time Warner Cable® in a deal worth $78 billion in May of 2016, which made them the second largest cable and internet service provider in the United States. Nonetheless, the Philadelphia-based Comcast Corporation® still holds the first position.

The customer service center of the Charter Communications® hired 50 customer service representatives in Kettering in January. On top of that, they hired 30 outside sales representatives and customer service representatives in May as well and created a series of hiring in the Dayton region. All the moves are great signs for those looking for the best internet options in the area.