Best Internet Service

Spectrum® Internet Assist Program

The low-income households in the Research Triangle can receive the best internet service from Charter® at prices as low as $14.99. The qualified residents must ask specifically for cheap internet from Charter Spectrum® to bag affordable broadband for the said tariff.

When Charter Communications® and Time Warner Cable® merged in 2016, the Connecticut Telco giant promised affordable broadband to 41 American states including North Carolina. However, a report from the Spectrum® Internet Assist program representatives indicates qualified households are yet to gain full awareness about Charter Spectrum® tariffs in Research Triangle. If the low-income households do not seek for discounted broadband, they may even end up paying $40 a month extra, which is an unaffordable tariff for qualified subscribers.

Meagan Clawar, in charge of the UNC Refugee Community Pact, found out the unawareness among immigrant residents in Chapel Hill, something that has come to the notice of Spectrum’s service representatives in Research Triangle. Meanwhile, to qualify for the Spectrum® Internet Assist initiative by Charter Communications®, at least one member of the low-income household should be participating in any of the below three human interest programs:

  • National School Lunch Program (free lunch)
  • Community Eligibility Provision by NSLP
  • Supplemental Security Income for senior citizens aged above 65 years
Cheap Internet

Everyday Low Price Internet

Charter Communications® gives wireless broadband at home at an extra cost of $5 a month under the Internet Assist program. In fact, Time Warner Cable® had offered a resembling program with similar tariffs but different speed some years ago titled “Everyday Low Price Internet”. The Charter Spectrum® Internet Assist program seems to be a variant to that best internet service a few years on.

Patrick Paterno, a Carolina PR, had made it clear that qualified subscribers should ask for Spectrum® Internet Assist plan to get broadband at home. He said that if subscribers are caught unaware regarding the program tariffs and pay standard broadband rates, Spectrum® won’t rectify that and revert subscribers back to the Internet Assist program.

“We don’t market Spectrum® Internet Assist broadly, as there are very specific eligibility requirements for families and seniors,” the public relations representative of Charter Communications® clarified. The official also said that TWC® has of late staged public awareness campaigns in Durham, and Fayetteville to promote Spectrum® Internet Assist.