Cox Home Phone

Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)

Cox Communications is a provider of television, internet, and digital telephone services to their subscribers. Cox Home Phone is available in three different packages, Digital Telephone Starter, Digital Telephone Essential, and Digital Telephone Premier. However, all the digital phone services offer popular features like call waiting, caller ID, and enhanced 911 services.

Digital Telephone Starter

This package is suitable for users with general phone service needs. The package offers local calling with no limits and much wanted features like call waiting and caller ID. Another feature is the enhanced 911 to keep your family members safe. Digital Telephone Starter package from Cox also allows users to keep their number when they switch to their services. The package is offered for 17.77 dollars a month.

Digital Telephone Essential

This package allows users to talk anytime without worrying about the minutes. It includes unlimited local calls together with advanced features and online access to phone tools that help users to manage call settings and voicemail features. This package starts at 23.99 dollars per month.

Digital Telephone Premier

This package allows users to talk to anyone within US, Mexico, and Canada at zero extra charges. The added features offered include readable voice mail, which transcribes the voicemails and forward to the user as email message, together with the other popular calling features. This service is available for 29.99 dollars a month.

These are the three digital telephone packages offered by Cox Home Phone service. Let us now look into the details of the enhanced 911 feature offered by the service.

Enhanced 911 (E911)

Cox Digital Telephone

Cox Digital Telephone Line

This is an improved version of the 911 services. This service automatically sends the phone number and location to the emergency service personnel. This is a feature that ensures that every Cox digital telephone line automatically provides the address and telephone number of the subscriber to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This means that the user will need to notify address changes if the telephone modem is moved to some other address. Else, the service will send incorrect location details to the 911 system.