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DirecTV NFL Games

Streaming NFL games is one of the main uses many subscribers have for DirecTV. This is not a censure of the rest of the lineup offered but the provider, but an ever-present reminder that some football fans are not as interested in TV without the NFL Sunday Ticket. For the average football fan, it has been a hard thing getting to stream games affordably, but that is changing soon.

Earlier, you had to pay $350 for the NFL Sunday Ticket Max package to be able to watch Live out-of-market games, not to mention a previously installed DirecTV setup as well. Now the service has brought out the stronger stuff, and on top of the Thursday Night Football games, it has been live streaming on Twitter, they will also introduced lower-priced plans, which let you watch games as part of the Sunday Ticket Package.

There will not be a streaming-only plan that works for everybody, at least not yet. There is still the requirement to log in to service with your account credentials, before you can start streaming. For those dying to watch the Titans-Texans on a tablet and not pay as much as TV, here is your chance.

DirecTV and NFL jointly announced that out-of-market games would be available for live streaming as part of the basic NFL Sunday Ticket package for the upcoming season. The prices on these may keep changing, but one thing that doesn’t is the cost of the base package, which is at least a hundred dollars cheaper than the Max package – it was $250 vs $350 last season.

DirecTV Packages

Streaming NFL Games

One of the surprises here is that the move has been in response to a higher demand for streaming services. At an AT&T/DirecTV press release, they announced that NFL games live streaming went up 35 percent last season, in spite of the fact that the package needed to qualify for these were expensive or hard to get.

$250 is not cheap by any means, but it is a lot more affordable than the Max package’s pricing. It is also a better deal than what you would spend at the sports bar instead. NFL Sunday Ticket Max at least has more incentives to offer which justify the huge price gap, such as the ADD-friendly RedZone channel (quad-box!), the game-condensing Short Cuts videos, and a fantasy-football channel. The best part about the new offer is that for much less, you could turn your living room into a sports bar instead of heading down the street.