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Streaming videos is the latest trend in the television industry, and PlayStation VUE has made streaming easy for the people. Apart from this, service providers like Sling TV is adding more and more features and stations to their services. These changes, together with the announcement of YouTube and Hulu offering streaming services, have provided the users with more choices to watch TV than ever.

The only limiting factor of the streaming services is the price and this is the factor that leaves users wondering if they need to drop their satellite or cable TV network just yet. When television streaming services is compared with the traditional Dish Network packages or cable networks, we can understand where these services sit, especially in terms of cost to the customers.

Popular television services like DirecTV® and Dish® Network offers packages that include more than hundred channels with two-year subscriptions. Television streaming services do not offer this pricing guarantee to the customers, as these services does not have contracts.

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However, the price of the television services offered by Cox Communications is comparable to that of television streaming. Cox® offers a lower tier package than the satellite TV providers, but the package does not come anywhere near satellite or streaming television offers in terms of sports channels and family programs.

Sling TV can be considered the pioneer in television streaming. As per the CEO of Dish® Network, Joe Clayton, the introduction of Sling TV to their list is the “launch of a new industry.” Surely, the service provider is going to benefit a lot, if streaming trend grows bigger.

Television streaming can be a viable option from the outside, but when the rates are considered, satellite TV networks is the most feasible option in the current situation. We can hope that the service providers will cut down the charges and make these services more affordable to the public. Only then, streaming options would allure more customers to ditch their traditional satellite or cable TV networks.