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TerraCom Direct is one of the leading providers of custom data center solutions and they have now connected their Melbourne, Florida data center to CenturyLink network. This partnership of TerraCom Direct with CenturyLink will offer users of TerraCom Direct access to the US and international fiber networks of CenturyLink.

Reports say that the data center of TerraCom will now have a direct connection to the 250,000-route mile fiber network in the United States and 360,000-route mile international transport network of CenturyLink. Users of TerraCom Direct will now be able to connect to CenturyLink global network via the TerraCom data center.

Fibers directly built into the ‘meet me room’ (MMR) of the data center allow users to access the network at speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps directly from datacenter of TerraCom to Point-Of-Presence (POP) locations of CenturyLink that are spread across the world. Clients can make use of optical wave services, Multi Label Protocol Switching (MLPS), Ethernet, or preferred IP services to access CenturyLink network.

Eric Barrett, who is the director of network product management at CenturyLink said, “TerraCom’s direct connection to CenturyLink’s fiber network connects businesses to approximately 300 data centers, including more than 60 global data center locations operated by CenturyLink that offer collocation, cloud and managed hosting services.”

“We are pleased to welcome TerraCom Direct and its clients to CenturyLink’s growing ecosystem of interconnected data centers and the end-to-end suite of hybrid IT services that help fulfill customers’ workload requirements,” he added.

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TerraCom Direct is a telecom company that offers customized data solutions to their users in disaster recovery, cloud computing, data storage, and compliance. They have physical data centers located in Denver, Florida, and Colorado. They have also entered into exclusive partnership with Shorebreak Security to offer cutting-edge security solutions to their data center users.

CenturyLink has made headlines recently with their announcement that they will complete Level 3 Communications acquisition for thirty four billion US dollars. The news was followed by the announcement that BC Partners consortium will assume the ownership of 57 data centers of CenturyLink. However, CenturyLink said that they would remain a stakeholder in the business.

Officials from CenturyLink also announced that they won an 11.4 million USD contract to offer communications service-as-platform and unified voice over IP services to United States Senate.