The Difference Between Dish Hopper And The DirecTV Genie

Dish Network Channel List

Dish Network Channels

Both DirecTV and Dish offer home media centers to numerous subscribes in the U.S. By comparing both Dish TVs Hopper and DirecTV’s Genie, consumers can make the best decision on which satellite TV to go for.

Dish Hooper

  • Many DVRs have limits when it comes to recording shows at one time. However, with Dish Hopper, customers can record up to eight shows during prime time. It also gives you access to thousands of movies.
  • There is also a feature called built in sling, which allows you to access satellite TV from anywhere, provided that they have an internet connection. Also, On Demand shows can be streamed through the Hopper device. Customers can connect a number of devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, and record their favorite shows.
  • If the home has many TVs, you can connect these TVs using the Joeys. To each TV a separate Joey is connected, which is then connected to the Dish Hopper. This allows shows to be recorded and viewed on each separate TV.
  • Dish Hopper also has some additional features. It can store an extraordinary amount of data and allows sports fan to follow every score for all games.

DirecTV Genie

  • The DirecTV Genie device can record only five shows at a time, which is quite less when compared to Dish’s counterpart. However, consumers can select from any HD channel here, which, in the case of Dish Hopper, is quite restricted.

    Dish Vs DirecTV

    DirecTV Vs Dish

  • The GenieGo feature allows users to stream shows onto a phone, laptop, or tablet, while the show is being recorded. GenieGo also allows up to 20 hours of recording.
  • The DirecTV Genie device offers 1 TB of memory, where that of Dish Hopper is 2 TB.
  • One HD DVR can connect up to eight Genie Minis, which is more than what Dish Hopper can accommodate.
  • Instead of using Joeys to connect TVs in other rooms, Genie Minis can be used to record a program on the main system and another show can be viewed elsewhere.
  • DirecTV subscribers get recommendations for upcoming programs. Also, you can choose from a single episode to record or the whole series.

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