Dish Vs DirecTV

Dish Tribune Dispute Continues

The contract dispute between Dish Network and Tribune Media has resulted in the blackout of Q13 FOX and JOEtv channels in Seattle. This means that the Dish subscribers in Seattle will miss the preseason games of Seahawk team. Dish subscribers lost access to these popular channels from June 12, 2016.

Gary Weitman, SVP of Corporate Relations at Tribune Media Company said, “We understand that Seahawks fans are frustrated and angry, and we don’t blame them for feeling this way. The best way for Dish to demonstrate it is doing everything it can for its subscribers is for the company to accept the very reasonable offer now on the table. Going dark is a negotiating tactic for Dish, and demonstrates the company’s clear disregard for the best interests of their customers. Dish has been part of 18 blackouts in the last three years, including this one.”

He added, “We achieved agreements with EVERYONE of our other distributors during that same time-frame. I wish we could be more optimistic, but it may be time for Dish subscribers in the Seattle area and elsewhere to consider switching satellite providers. When it comes to Dish, that is the best way of ensuring the long-term reliability of our programming, including Seahawks football. We have listed a variety of alternative providers here.”

Reports suggest that the both companies are trying to reach a settlement. However, Dish Network subscribers in Seattle also have some alternatives to watch Seahawks preseason games.

Dish Network

Channels Going Dark

NFL Network

If you are patient enough to wait for the highlights of the game, NFL Network can offer you that. The highlights of major pre-season games are available in NFL network, after the end of live broadcast. NFL Network is available in most of the Dish Network packages as an add-on pack, but if you want to watch the live coverage of the game, you will have to look for other options.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is an online streaming service, which brings you the highlights of all pre-season games and regular season games, once the original broadcast ends. This service is available at $99.99 per season and it is available on tablets, computers, and smartphones.