Mandarin Channels In DirecTV

The MandarinDirect® III package of DirecTV offers 7 channels providing the best entertainment from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong at just $16 per month. The included channels are CBO – Chinese TV Series Channel, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Charming China, Phoenix NA TV, CTI Zhong Tian, Phoenix InfoNews, and CCTV-4. For overseas audiences, these channels offer your just the feel of being at home.

CBO – Chinese TV Series Channel (Channel No. 2057)

This channel features some of the most popular and latest Chinese dramas to overseas audiences. “Zheng He’s Voyages” is the most popular show aired on the channel, which is based on the voyages of the famous explorer Zheng He from Ming Dynasty, who led seven expeditions in the 15th century to South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Africa.

Jiangsu Satellite TV (Channel No. 2054)

Internationally famous top-rated TV shows such as “The Brain” and “If You Are The One” are aired on this channel. “The Brain” is an exciting educational and reality talent show, aimed to find people with exceptional brainpower. “If You Are The One” is a Chinese dating game show and is ranked as the highest rated weekly TV show in China for four years consecutively.

Charming China (Channel No. 2055)

This channel broadcasts top programs from 9 provincial stations including Zhejiang TV and Hunan TV. “Zong Yi Sheng Dian” is a live fine arts show founded by CCTV. It has programs on masterpieces and advanced cultural works.

Phoenix NA TV (Channel No. 2050)

It is the first Chinese channel that is available across the continent. It offers news updates, financial highlights, variety of programs and shows from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. Analysts also give comments on current topics and issues. Some of its in-house programs include “Experience America” and “Phoenix North America News”.

CTI Zhong Tian (Channel No. 2056)

This channel broadcasts drams, news programs, and other entertainment from Taiwan. “Mr. Con and Ms. Csi” is a popular show on this channel, in which celebrity hosts interview politicians and pop idols about controversial topics.

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Phoenix InfoNews (Channel No. 2051)

This channel features latest news, updates on financial market, and current affairs from Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

CCTV-4 (Channel No. 2052)

This channel contains a variety of programs including music, news, documentaries, sports dramas, and cartoon programs. It is the international version of China’s CCTV.