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The preference for satellite TV over cable is a common thing these days. Although cable TV alternatives cost more, it has a few clear advantages. The main one is video quality, which at the end of the day is the most important thing to many subscribers.

The size of the cable in cable TV restricts bandwidth, which has a bearing on the viewing experience. DirecTV brings no such limitations. Other than that, it also delivers high quality programming, thanks to its technology being more advanced than that of cable TV. The basic receiver model lets you view all your favorite programs in perfect digital format, along with accompanying sound effects to make the shows more realistic.

Also, DirecTV packages offer a wide variety of channels, where you can catch the news, get current with shopping trends and offers, watch sports, movies, educational channels, etc. With channels aimed at child audiences, even younger family members can stay entertained. It is also possible to block a specific program that you don’t want the children to watch.

DirecTV has standard parental control features in every subscription. This lets parents block particular channels, as well as unblock them later with a special code when the kids aren’t around.

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The main technologies DirecTV uses are High Definition Television (HDTV) and digital video recording (DVR). The first lets customers watch video in 10 times the resolution, depending on how much their TV can handle. DVR benefits viewers by letting them record shows and programs for later viewing. It is also possible to record more than one program at a time, so if you had conflicting program timings on two channels, that is not a problem anymore.

It is also possible to stop, pause, or rewind live TV if you have subscribed to DirecTV. A phone call or the doorbell shouldn’t make you miss the best scenes in a show, or a play when you’re watching a game. Just hit pause it if you can’t watch, and get back to it when you can. The recorder starts recording from that point on, so you can watch what you missed later. The DVR can store up to 70 hours of video, which is plenty for several complete shows.

These and similar features make DirecTV an attractive alternate to cable TV. Still, they might come at a higher monthly price, so the choice comes down to what you want in the way of TV experience.