Time Warner Cable Home Phone

Unlimited Calling

Time Warner Cable home phone offer many features that the users will love. Some of the important features of the service are discussed below.

Unlimited Calling

Users can free themselves of per minute charges inside US and thirty-four other countries. The countries in the list include, Mexico, China, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Norway, India, and the European Union, as well as unlimited calling within the US and Canada.

Talk As Long As You Want

Unlimited plans from TWC means no counting on the minutes, no overage charges, and no calling cards. This means that the users can make unlimited calls to land phones and mobiles at consistently low monthly price.

Access Voicemail Anywhere

Users of the phone service can listen to the messages that they receive from their phone or online. The messages can also be sent to the smartphone of the user as an email or text. Voicemail is offered as an add-on feature for an additional fee and the feature can be included with select packages and plans.

Calling Features And Privacy Settings

Users of the service can enjoy advanced calling features and privacy settings together with the basic calling features. The basic features are caller ID, call waiting, and speed dial. TWC also offer caller ID on TV feature and improved privacy settings.

Other advanced calling features include Answer Anywhere, Call History, Call Forwarding, Call waiting caller ID, Enhanced 911, Charges Block, outbound caller ID blocking, Private Listing, Voicemail, Speed dial, VoiceZone, 3 Way calling, and Peace and Quiet privacy settings.

Call Management & Settings

Time Warner Phone

Call Waiting Caller ID

Users can put one call on hold while they answer another call or forward calls automatically to some other number when the phone is busy. The call management features are intended to make it easy for users to manage their calls.

Call Privacy

The innovative features like Peace and Quiet offer much privacy to the users, and help a user to block unwanted telemarketing calls. Users can also make use of the option to reject anonymous calls or to block calls from specific numbers.