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AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV customers will no longer be able to access Hearst Magazine and NBCUniversal’s Esquire Network. This is because the satellite and wired TV service from AT&T has decided to drop the channel. In a recent statement, AT&T said, “We routinely modify our channel lineups based on many factors, while continuing to strive to offer more choice, control and convenience to our customers.”

AT&T had approximately 25.3 million subscribers altogether in their U-Verse and DirecTV services as of September 2016. AT&T wasn’t offering Esquire Network to all these subscribers at that time. However, about 11 million homes subscribed to DirecTV service later, and approximately 4 million homes that are currently under AT&T U-Verse service, will lose their access to this channel.

The executives from the channel have responded to this decision from AT&T to drop the channels to be disappointing. This network has an abundant collection of entertaining contents about family, relationships, travel, drink, food, style, and fashion, and it targets affluent men.

The program lineup of this network includes Joyride, Wrench Against The Machine, Car Matchmaker, Team Ninja Warrior, American Ninja Warrior, and Friday Night Tykes. However, it seems that AT&T’s decision to drop Esquire Network might not have a huge impact on the network, as it will be still available in approximately 45 million homes via other cable TV providers.

The network bills themselves as a destination for fans of “a well-played life” including “classic and contemporary passions and interests, from fashion and style to food and drink, travel, family and relationships.” Reports indicate that Esquire Network will be removed from the channel lineup of both U-Verse and DirecTV packages subscribers from December 15, 2016.

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“It is disappointing that AT&T and DirecTV will no longer carry Esquire, but it continues to be carried across the nation to millions of subscribers and it is business as usual for the network,” officials from Esquire Network commented. “We remain excited about our dynamic slate of original programming, including hit franchises Friday Night Tykes, American Ninja Warrior, Team Ninja Warrior, Car Matchmaker, Wrench Against the Machine, Joyride and diverse projects in development.”

On the other hand, AT&T firmly believes that the removal of these channels from U-Verse and DirecTV services will not urge the customers to cut the cord, as the provider is offering plenty of popular contents at an affordable price. In addition to that, reports indicate that AT&T is also planning to add more channels to their offerings.