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AT&T® Unlimited Plus Plan

Reports suggest that AT&T’s DirecTV Now® satellite TV streaming service is experiencing steady growth, and to add to the delight, the telecom giant has launched bundled packages that club the best internet service with their streaming services.

AT&T® officials recently declared a new distribution plan that makes available the Unlimited Choice plan to subscribers at set rates. Subscribers would get a $25 video credit which would reduce the $35 starter plan to a mere $10 per month fee. In fact, similar distribution strategy is followed for the AT&T® Unlimited Plus plan.

The Unlimited Plus plan offers unlimited data, talk time, messaging, and more at $90 a month. However, the Unlimited Choice plan offers discounts for online billing and sets a 3 Mbps speed cap. One of the major differences between both the bundled plans is that the Unlimited Plus plan provides HD internet and streaming to multiple devices via hotspot, whereas the Unlimited Choice plan provides standard definition video streaming at 480 pixels only.

The cap for data usage remains the same at 22 GB for both plans, after which the speeds reduce to standard speeds. The existing subscribers might know the nuances, maybe not new ones.

The new plan by the Telco giant offers a deal that combines super fast internet and broadcast networks in select regions. The data can be streamed through iOS and Android devices, satellite streaming devices, and web. The Unlimited Choice plan is named so because the $25 video credit can be bundled with any of the three TV services of AT&T®. The Unlimited Choice plan advanced starts at $70 per month a $35 extra to the starter plan.

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Bundled AT&T® Wireless Plans

AT&T® is an exclusive carrier that provides the best internet service through wireless and fiber platforms. The telecom conglomerate invested in the mobile broadcast segment mainly to tackle the growing number of subscribers’ year on year.

“Video now makes up more than half of our mobile traffic with 75% growth between 2015 and 2016 alone,” states a recent press release from AT&T®. “We expect video traffic to become a major driver of growth in 2020.”

Simultaneous streaming provides the two services in internet and satellite TV through one spectrum. Experts in the industry say that this new move by AT&T® is sure to attract more subscribers to their services.