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As per a recent report, Verizon is planning to launch their own internet delivered television service to keep up with their competitors like Dish Network and DirecTV. The report says that Verizon has been working to secure streaming rights for many networks and the service could launch this summer.

Verizon is one of the best internet providers in the country, but their television service has many competitors. This live online platform from Verizon will be different from both of their current distribution platforms like the Go90 streaming service and the Fios bundle. It is expected that this skinny bundle would offer them a fitting answer to the Sling TV streaming service from Dish Network and the DirecTV Now service from AT&T.

The internet-based streaming TV market is much crowded with PlayStation Vue from Sony and entries from Hulu and YouTube expected to the released this year. Television programming is offered to the viewers via apps made for devices like Roku or Apple TV and apps that are designed for tablets and smartphones.

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Comcast is also planning an internet TV service on their current footprint and the service will start by the third quarter this year. Pricing for skinny bundles will vary much, but the principle of the operation is to offer users an alternative to the $100 plus traditional television packages, which are stuffed with programming and channels that the users may never watch. The streaming service from Comcast will start at fifteen dollars a month, when the basic tier of Sling TV starts at twenty dollars a month and that of DirecTV Now starts at thirty-five dollars for sixty channels.

As per the report, pricing of the streaming TV offering from Verizon will closely track that of DirecTV Now. Like the various triple play offerings from the best internet service providers, offering more value to users for TV, phone, and internet products, the skinny offerings from the telecom and satellite providers comes with many incentives. As of now, little is known about the plans of Verizon for their internet delivered television service.

The steady increase in the number of users cutting the cord has made Verizon to think about the streaming TV service. A recent report even said that two million US homes switched to broadband-only in 2016, making the total to 15.4 million. This number is expected to double by the end of 2021.