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DirecTV Bundles

Verizon is one of the prime competitors of AT&T; but now, you can buy DirecTV service by AT&T from Verizon! This is the new marketing scheme of Verizon and the offer is bundled with the “Freedom Essentials” voice calling service by Verizon.

The total cost of the bundle will be between 70-95 dollars for a month. This offer from Verizon is scheduled to expire in October and it represents the tail end of a bundling agreement between Verizon and DirecTV that was signed before the 49 billion dollars acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T.

The DirecTV bundle pack from Verizon is just one among the many bundling attempts from Verizon. For instance, they had introduced “double up” promotion in 2014 to differentiate their FiOS data service from that offered by other service providers. This promotion was aimed at increasing the sales of wireless and FiOS.


DirecTV Services

“I don’t think that any cable provider can bundle wireless with broadband,” said Verizon CFO Fran Shammo. “We did that in our FiOS footprint and we think that’s a very unique offer for our customers.”

Verizon has also offered in March to double monthly mobile data allotments for their existing and new users in Northeast US, who also opt for their FiOS service. However, Verizon knew that bundles that offer combination of two or more services are not good for the company, as they can lead to decrease in revenue.

On the other hand, AT&T has a very different approach to bundling. AT&T points that bundling and cross selling, is one of the main reasons that they spent billions to buy DirecTV. Ralph de la Vega of AT&T said back in May that 15 million of the newly acquired DirecTV customers of AT&T do not subscribe to the wireless service of the carrier, and that 20 million of the wireless customers of AT&T do not subscribe to the DirecTV services. He said that this offers a huge cross sell opportunity to the carrier.