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There really hasn’t been a better time a pay-TV consumer. With genuine competition (and the things it brings) in the market for some time, skyrocketing TV bills aren’t the only thing you can look forward to. Verizon’s FiOS and Sling TV, as well as cord cutting, have helped lots of TV viewers find the best value packages to go for.

Around 68% of Americans still pay for TV service in the form of cable or satellite, according to a survey conducted by Consumer Reports. That means the $100 cable bill is still a reality, because only a small portion of people are the really leaving pay-TV. The bottom line: pay-TV bills will be here for a long time, which means it is good to know how to avoid gotchas while you enjoy the product you are paying for. Following are some things you need to consider in this regard.


It is easy to forget that the discounted bill you have been paying for the past two months will not be the one you get when the promotion period ends. It is not likely you will notice by the first month, but if you do, get a refund of that month’s difference. But in most cases consumers can be bothered to even look at this until the bill has hiked. No special deal lasts forever, unless they offer it with a guarantee, in which case all is well. The best way to avoid your bill soaring is to set a reminder so that you are not caught unawares.

Call It The Right Time

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You can call your pay-TV provider to bargain for continued promotion pricing, but there is the chance that you could call early, or late. If that happens, the agent probably can’t do anything for you. Stay updated on the offers, when they start and end, and if a call can get you a better deal. This is an easy, unless you have a good source of information, such as an online blog (like this one).

Stop Renting A Box If You Can

One of the old pieces of advice was to save money by buying new equipment when you got a subscription, instead of renting it. It may be the case that your family does not need more than one box; especially, with the kinds of things one box can do these days. The FCC is trying to bring more competition in this area, which means which probably means lower prices and more features.

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