Dish Network Packages

Dish Network Pros

Dish Network is one of the leading satellite TV service providers in the country. Its introduction of the original Hopper DVR was a groundbreaking tech, which both the TV industry and customers praised abundantly. This device allows viewers to skip over ads automatically instead of sitting through them mid-program. At the time, it also gives Dish Network an edge over its prime competitors.

What Is Great About Hopper DVR

  • The Virtual Joey app – Communicates with the DVR over an Ethernet connection, and without the need for an external connection.
  • Joey’s – Small devices you can add to additional televisions.
  • 2 TB hard drive storage – For holding up to 2,000 hours’ worth of video on your DVR. This is twice the size of Genie hard drive from DirecTV.
  • Option to record up to six different channels at once.
  • Hook the Hopper to a wired or wireless connection to be able to access Rent On Demand Content, Apps like Facebook or Pandora, or order PPV events.
  • Streaming feature including Live TV, On Demand or recorded TV shows on the DVR. You can stream to a mobile phone, tablet, or computer on the home network.
  • Transferring recorded shows among devices to watch later, even when you are using the free app from Dish.
  • DishAnywhere mobile apps – These are part of even the basic Dish Network packages, and let you take control of the Hopper right from a smartphone or tablet.
Dish Network Channels

Best Channel Lineup

Many of Dish’s features and offerings have made it favored choice for over 14 million people in the nation. Gizmodo hailed it ‘The King of DVRS’. While picture quality is open of the areas DirecTV performs better, this obviously isn’t much of a deal breaker. Besides video programming, Dish also brings 70 channels of SiriusXM satellite radio.

Dish’s pricing is also lower, especially on the introductory deal and annual price. You pay less for a comparable lineup of channels, and only slightly inferior video quality. The most sensible purchase decision in a home allows for considering other factors just as seriously, and it is not as if you can’t switch providers. Just make sure to negotiate with customer service retention if you decide to renew the contract.