Dish Network Channel Guide

Hopper 3 DVR

At CEDIA 2016, Dish had some fresh competition in the TV commercial skipping front, as TiVo also skips television ads now. So, which of the two is the best? The comparison of these DVRs shared here sheds more light on the two devices.

Dish® AutoHop

Dish® Network service works flawlessly for the prime time shows with the AutoHop technology, and it is obvious that this feature keeps users happy. The feature works so well because Dish® has people who sit and watch the show as it is aired to flag the beginning and end of the advertisements for AutoHop. The bigger treat is the PrimeTime Anytime service from Dish®, that records big TV network shows in crucial hours, and with the 2 TB storage space offered with Hopper 3, this feature is really a treat.

Besides that, Dish® tags only some of the primetime shows in a selected number of networks, and the worst part is that AutoHop feature will not be available for some days after the show airs. In addition, Dish also has to maintain their relationships with the major networks, out of which, most of them sued and then settled to some agreement with Dish ®Network over AutoHop.

TiVo SkipMode

TiVo comes with Roamio, Bolt, and Bolt+ SkipMode services. TiVo does not need to appease any network or studio as Dish does, so they can skip anything. The latest SkipMode services from TiVo cover all the top 20 channels in the US, and the best part is that commercial-free versions of the programs are available in about five minutes after the original airing.

Dish Network

TiVo SkipMode

TiVo tags only the beginning of the TV segments and not the end. This means that they are bookmarking the chapters of the program, and so, a user can press the skip button to go to the next segment of the show. The feature is handy not only to skip commercials but also to jump through slow bits of a show. The only downside is that the user needs to be at the remote always to skip the ads.