Why Dish Is Perfect For Your Business

Dish Network Channel Guide

Perfect For Business

Dish Network offers best quality HD satellite TV to US homeowners and businesses at a great price. In fact, Dish has got the perfect entertainment solutions to meet your every business need.

When compared to DirecTV, the first receiver is included for free with a Dish Network subscription, and it has Pac-12 Network and regional and local sports channels as well. On the other hand, DirecTV charges up to $7 for first receiver and it doesn’t include Pac-12 Network. DirecTV also charges up to $7.99 each for various local and regional sports channels in some markets.

Dish Network offers you the best value for news, sports, and children programming, with round the clock customer service line and in-house business specialist. Dish Network has wonderful packages for you, if you have a lobby or an office or retail shop, which starts at $36.99 a month. You can have sports, news, or international add-on channels as well.

Retail shops, boardrooms, front offices, waiting areas, and break rooms, qualify as lobby/office/retail offer by Dish Network. Dish also provides free HD for life and 2-year price lock guarantee.

Bar Or Restaurant

If you are running a bar or restaurant, Dish Network has you covered with all the news, sports, and local channels you need. Packages start at $46.99 a month, and you can get more programs as add-on packs. For the best college sports action, you can upgrade to America’s Top 120 Plus and for great pro coverage, add Business Multi-Sport Pack. Dish also provides free HD for life and 2-year TV price guarantee.

Hotels Or Institutions

Dish Vs DirecTV

Perfect For Apartments

If you have a hotel or an institution, then Dish Network provides affordable custom packages to meet your specific needs. Dish has trained business specialists, who will help you to customize the perfect package for your property. Hotel/motel, dorms, hospitals, prisons, and assisted living facilities, qualify as hotels or institutions.

Apartments Or Condos

Dish Network channels can be easily included as an option for entertainment for your residents without a satellite antenna on every balcony. Dish offers a smartbox option, which is a perfect solution for your apartment or condo, which saves you money, space, and power, by providing TV solution for your entire property.

Dish Network also offers low cost custom-made packages with assistance from the trained business specialists. Apartments, condos, universities, HOA, outdoor, hospitality, and such similar facilities can opt for these services.