DirecTV Select Package

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Although there are quite a number of satellite television service providers, only a few really manage to mark any changes in the market trends. Obviously, DirecTV is one of them.

DirecTV boasts to offer a series of attractive packages, deals, bundle offers, etc. A growing number of people are realizing now that DirecTV services are cost effective and a good means to save money on entertainment requirements. If you are searching for a complete entertainment package that is available at an attractive price, then DirecTV is definitely the satellite service provider that you have been in search for.

DirecTV packages start at a very low price. Its base package is marketed by the name DirecTV Select package, which you can get for just $19.99 a month. If you are tired of your old provider who charges you heavily for a very small lineup of channels, then the DirecTV Select package is certainly designed for you.

DirecTV Select Package – An Inexpensive Way To Get Started With Genie

Even though DirecTV Select Package is the basic package by the provider, you can use the advanced Genie DVR system with it. In addition to that, you would get a free 3-month trial of premium movies, which includes Cinemax, 46 total channels of HBO, STARZ, and Showtime.

When you order DirecTV for the first time, you would get a lineup of free channels as well. These offers are for a limited period though. Unless you downgrade the deal to your desired one prior to the offer is stopped, you would be charged for the current package. So make sure that you cancel your subscription of any existing packages if you want to upgrade or downgrade to another package. This should be done at least a week in advance.

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Packages

In addition to the channel lineup, DirecTV Select package offers the following advantages as well. Below listed are the special features offered with DirecTV Select package.

  • More than 145 channels. All channels are digital, while a majority of them are in HD.
  • Free HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax offered for three months. You need to de-select these channels to avoid any extra charges on your bill before the initial offer is expired.
  • Advanced Genie DVR system. With this highly sophisticated DVR system, you can connect up to 8 TVs at a time.
  • Free local channels and more than 4,000 On Demand movies or shows.