DirecTV Select Package

Choice XTRA Package

When you consider the packages on offer from DirecTV and the popularity they have garnered since the time they’ve been put out, the Choice XTRA definitely seems to be somewhere at the top. For one it’s widely preferred because it’s a rounded mix of different programming that balances value and price, and then there’s the fact that the extra $5 lets you have significantly (45 channels) more than with the DirecTV Choice package. There’s also a stack of extra movies and sports for your enjoyment.

The bio/movie channels include American Heroes Channel, Discovery Health, DIY, FXX, FX Movie Channel, H2 Oxygen, and others. If you’re a sports fan, XTRA brings enough bang for the buck with CBS Sports Network, Fox Sports 2, Golf Channel, NBA TV, NBC Sports, etc.

What’s in the package?

  • 220+ all-digital channels, and over 160 of those in HD
  • Free access to the NFL Sunday ticket
  • Free viewing of HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax for the first quarter after you sign up
  • One HD DVR and up to 3 HD receiver upgrades, free
  • Over 7,000 on-demand shows and movies included
  • Free local channels, airing almost everywhere in the country
  • Standard installation when you sign up
DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Choice Package

If you’re particular about getting a good programming package that lets you stay inside a decent budget, many subscribers would say this is the best one to go for. Although there’s no regional sports channels provided, the average sports fan wouldn’t need more than what’s in this package. If it’s hard to do without a particular sports channel, there’s always the option to get it à la carte. This will likely be just a few dollars extra per month, but you should be okay with that for the chance to watch your favorite sports channel.

Choice XTRA is comparable to America’s Top 250, if you were considering making a DirecTV vs Dish comparison. “Comparable” is a still a relative term. America’s Top 250 has 290 channels, but 65 of these are Sirius XM radio stations. Customers need to be careful when choosing an appealing option, because it doesn’t always guarantee a value product. There are tons of movie options when you go premium channel, and this is the perfect choice for movie buffs. Smack in the middle of the six main DirecTV packages, Choice Xtra is arguably better than the DirecTV select package.