One of the best ways to make a choice sometimes is to stay flexible and essentially flit back and forth every so often. By that token, I stand for changing TV service providers, especially when it looks like the current one isn’t really giving you what you want. You can ensure there is little loss in this by staying away from companies without early cancellation fees. Some also require no contracts, and they have some of the best deals you can find.

All the big players serving your area need to be considered every time you are looking for a switch: Comcast, AT&T U-verse, DirecTV, Dish Network, etc. Speaking of DirecTV, they currently have some really good packages on offer.

DirecTV Packages And Perks

If you have never subscribed before, the first thing you will want to know is what you can get for free, as in without paying extra over the basic subscription. Moreover, if you are willing to explore higher tiers, do they have the right package for you?

Basic Offerings

The best thing about DirecTV is that they provide a wide list of perks with any package you get. If you do switch from another provider, following are some of the things you can expect as part of the service:

  • No need to buy equipment: DirecTV waives almost all fees for buying equipment when you are initiating service. Plus, start-up costs are zero.
  • You get free HD: High-def video service does not cost extra like with some other providers. It is part of the base offering.
  • Free HD Receiver: You need this piece of equipment to receive and decode signals. If our TV does not come with one, DirecTV gives you a receiver free of charge.
  • Premium channels are free: If you sign up today, you can start watching premium channels like Starz, Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax free for the first three months. That lets you watch heaps of movies at home.

The Packages

DirecTV Packages

Best DirecTV Package

  • Choice: this gives you over 150 digital channels, as well as free HD or DVR receiver upgrade (it costs $29.99 per month after rebate.
  • Choice Extra: more than 210 digital channels in this package, as well as free HD service, and HD and DVR receiver upgrade. You can get it now at 34.99 a month.
  • Choice Ultimate: 225+ digital channels and free receiver upgrade, and free HD service. Costs $39.99 per month after rebate and 2-year contract.
  • Premier: 285+ channels, free receiver upgrade and HD service, and all premium channels included in the pack. This is priced at $83.99 per month.

This list has something to make everyone happy. If you have issue with money this would cost on a monthly basis, just remember the benefits of choosing DirecTV over others.