Dish Network Channel List

Dish Network Offers

Many people consider Dish Network to be the best option to get digital TV in their homes. It is no surprise that the company has racked up a huge customer base stateside; because if you ran a thorough comparison with other providers, it is easy to see that in many ways that Dish offers substantially more. The most prominent thing about the sat-TV company is that base programming packages offer unequalled value for money.

If you have got cable at home and the idea of making a switch has been rolling around in your head, you will want to check out the points mentioned below. At the very least, you will know why satellite TV is the better option by a long shot.


Dish Network’s varied packages start at $34.99 a month on the lower end, under the First Year Savings Offer. Match this up with what other providers are offering, and you are sure to see a marked pricing gap. There is over 190 channels you can watch in this basic package. For more on that, check out the Dish Network channel list online.


One of the main goodies Dish Network heaps on you throughout the year is a flow of offers fit to please even most scrooge-like take on expenses. While cable TV alternatives like Comcast are sparing with the offers they put up, Dish frequently brings appealing price reductions and sign-up bonuses.

Best Technologies

Dish outdoes all competition when it comes to adopting, modifying, and upgrading its equipment and technologies. All customers have the option to use these without being charged for it. All said, Dish Network is a far cry from cable TV providers in this regard.

Home Integration

Dish Network Packages

Dish Package Benefits

Dish lets you get your programming not just in the TV, but also on other devices connected to the receiver, like a phone or tablet. The Dish Anywhere App even ensures that you are connected to the rest of the world through TV programming, even when you are on the move. That means you could be on the subway or in a waiting room, and still be able to catch up on your favorite game, show, or movie.

Signal Strength

When choosing between cable and satellite, one factor that obviously enters your mind is the reception. Dish customers do not have very many outages in their respective areas, and anywhere with a view of the southern sky is within reach of transmission signals. What’s more, Dish Network guarantees up to 99.9% signal up time.