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WSVN-Ch. 7, the affiliate of FOX Broadcast Network, has now removed their broadcast from DirecTV services because of a dispute over the carriage charges. WSVN parent Sunbeam TV had pulled the plug on many subscribers of U-Verse earlier, which was done just before the broadcast of two NFL Playoff games by FOX. This blackout of the channels lasted about four weeks and the subscribers were unable to watch the games.

Sunbeam has once again sent DirecTV subscribers into their closets in search looking for old remotes, cable boxes, and mobiles in hope of ways to watch Monday night’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ show, as the program is very popular among viewers all across the country. A statement from Sunbeam reminded users on ways to get the channel: “While we continue negotiating with DirecTV, viewers are able to watch the station free, over the air, on Channel 7.1 and on other cable and video providers.”

The statement released by Sunbeam did not explain why they believe that subscribers would move to some other cable TV alternatives, while negotiations are going on with DirecTV. Since the acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T, they have been trying to concentrate on marketing bundle packages. The same team of AT&T negotiates for the right fees of DirecTV and U-Verse, and experts say that the negotiations carried out in the month of January could have helped to smooth out carriage charges issues for both the services.

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“U-Verse had the earlier contract expiration and based on Sunbeam’s recent history pulling stations, it wouldn’t make sense to put any DirecTV homes at risk for no reason, especially during the NFL playoffs,” AT&T representative, Kelly Starling said in a press release.

Sunbeam has a history of blacking out their channels on DirecTV packages. Back in 2012, they had a similar issue over the carriage fees, and that issue was resolved after thirteen days. Starling added that there is enough time to come to a resolution before the blackout affects popular shows on DirecTV.