XFINITY Internet

Wi-Fi Hotspots

XFINITY Internet from Comsat offers a variety of speeds to suit the online needs of users. XFINITY Internet has a plan for every type of user. Whether you surf internet occasionally, or spend hours streaming shows and movies, XFINITY has a perfect internet plan for you.

XFINITY Internet delivers much reliable and fast in home Wi-Fi for all devices and rooms, even during peak usage hours. This means that users of the service can always have a fast and reliable internet connection, irrespective of the time of the day. Another advantage of subscribing to XFINITY Internet services is that it gives access to millions of hotspots nationwide, which allows you to stay connected when away from home.

In addition to that, XFINITY Internet offers a Constant Guard feature that allows users to surf the internet safely. Constant Guard is an online protection suite from Norton, which is offered with XFINITY Internet plans.



Norton Security Suite

XFINITY Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected at your favorite places, as there are millions of hotspots located all across the country. XFINITY Wi-Fi is offered at no additional cost, and you can save on wireless data plans by streaming on super fast Wi-Fi hotspots. You can seamlessly connect to the hotspot when within the range of a XFINITY Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can also download the XFINITY Wi-Fi app to ensure improved safety at the numerous Wi-Fi hotspots spread across the nation. The app also ensures that you have better Wi-Fi connections and your browsing is secured.

Internet Security With Norton™ Security Suite

You need to browse and shop safely without worries about identity theft, hackers, viruses, or spam. Norton™ Security Suite in association with XFINITY offers a safe and secure online experience for Mac, PC, tablet, and mobile users. The program offers protection against worms, viruses, hackers and all sorts of online threats.

The software guards your important files, offers protection against identity theft, and has easy to use parental control settings. Moreover, the software also ensures that all your devices are running at peak performance.